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14th August celebration - Special Discount on all Products

Soywax Scented Candles

Relaxing scents to improve your day. Live a refreshing life with exquisite aroma and Relaxing scents.

Light up a fresh fruity fragrance of apples. Crafted with essential oils of vanilla apples and greens.

Fall in love with cocktails even more everyday. A citrusy touch to life of grapefruit and strawberry.

A delightful cup cake to brighten your room. A tantalizing aroma of vanilla, honey and butter cream.

Experience the goodness of nature at your home. A musky green scent of cucumbers melon and musk.

New Additions

For when you reminisce about the calm & tranquility the sea offers, our Black Sea scent will take you straight to the shores.

Nothing beats a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Light up an Irish Coffee candle and let the rich, sweet bouquet take over your senses!

Custom Candles

For the first time in Pakistan, Sens gives you the option to
customize your candles, according to the occasion & gift

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