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Your guide to Aromatherapy

Isn’t it weird how your mood immediately lights up and you get a certain soothing feeling when you enter a well-scented place? When the smell of fresh citrus gives a sense of calm or a musky, earthy scent makes you feel like connecting with nature? You might not pay attention to these scents as you go about your day, but they are actually extremely beneficial for you!

Here’s all that you need to know about Aromatherapy.

What is it?

Aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egyptian and Greek Tradition where essential oils and scents were used for religious as well as medicinal purposes.         

It is actually a holistic treatment that involves the use of aromatic plant extracts to medicinally improve physical and emotional health. It lets the mind, body, and spirit break free from any form of stress so you can relax and recharge.

How does it work?

The receptors inside your nose that send messages to the brain affecting emotions, learning, appetite, and memory are very sensitive to scents.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which, when inhaled, are known to relieve pain, bring changes in irregular sleeping patterns, and overall improve your mood.

Why should I invest in it?

As we live in the world of today, we carry the enormous pressure of balancing work, studies, and relationships. Stress and anxiety are nearly impossible to avoid while we function as living, breathing individuals.

With all kinds of mentally draining processes that surround us, an all-natural alternative medicinal process is what everyone needs to take a break and indulge in self-care.

Here are a few benefits that Aromatherapy offers you:

Stress and Anxiety Reduction:

As we’ve talked about earlier, almost every individual suffers from stress and anxiety in their fast-paced lives. With mental health becoming a core focus, an all-natural solution to anxiety disorders will help you become more relaxed and heal internally.

According to Scientific Research, essential oils and scents of lavender can help calm the nervous system and lower the heart rate as well as blood pressure. At the same time Rose and Chamomile are known to alleviate anxiety, helping you manage depression more effectively.

Improvement in Focus:

The generation of today has an unbelievably short attention span. And it’s not their fault! With numerous mental strains that surround us, we can often struggle paying attention to something.

Brain function is largely affected by smells, which means Aroma therapy can work wonders to improve concentration and overall focus! Essential oils like Rosemary, Basil, and Sage can help aid memory and cognitive performances, ensuring that you gain focus in everyday tasks.

Energy Booster:

Feeling unmotivated and physically drained? Waiting for lunch so you can get a boost of energy? No need.

Essential Oils can actually help boost your energy and make you feel active again! Oils like lemon and Peppermint are found to prevent fatigue and uplift your mood. A 2008 study by the National Library of Medicine concluded that lemon scents can enhance positivity and help you feel motivated.

So, it’s time to use these oils rather than aimlessly wait for your lunch break!

Can’t find Essential Oils? we’ve got you covered!

Essential Oils can be rather hard to find. Then there’s the added hassle of using a diffuser to spread all that scent. No need to worry though!

Sens’ Scented Candles are an amazing alternative to essential oils and provide all the benefits of natural, authentic scents you’re looking to find from aromatherapy!

Our exquisite range of relaxing scents will help improve your day and introduce an inviting aroma to your place. Whether it be your home or workplace, Sens has an amazing variety of scented candles to avail all the benefits of aromatherapy. You can even customize your scents to have it tailored to your needs!

With Fruity scents like Macintosh Apple and Fruit Cocktail, add a citrusy aroma to your lives or indulge in a sweet warm scent with our Cupcake Candle.

So, what are you waiting for?

Investing in aromatherapy is now even easier! With Sens’ scented candles you can gain amazing healing benefits and add life to a rather dull environment of your home and workplace.

As we live our lives, burdened with endless responsibilities and trying to make our mark, we often forget about ourselves. It’s time to start thinking about you! Invest in your self-care with aromatherapy so you can relax and de-stress the organic way.

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